InVue Provides a Notable Solution for Samsung at EXPO COMM China 2014

Samsung China displayed the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge at EXPO COMM China 2014 and InVue was chosen to showcase their “Next Big Things” in handheld electronics. InVue’s latest POD, Series 2800, was the ideal solution to protect these new smartphones, tablets and S-pens.

InVue’s new Series 2800 is a flexible, multi-position security system that allows retailers to secure multiple branded items, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, wearables and accessories on a single fixture or display. This made it the perfect solution to display Samsung’s branded line of consumer electronics.

Series 2800 is part of InVue’s IR Ecosystem™, a storewide single key security system for all high theft merchandise.

EXPO COMM China, who showcased approximately 500 exhibitors in 2014, leads the way for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service providers and equipment manufacturers to promote their products in the China market.