Lenovo Launches New Yoga Products. InVue Provides the Muscle Behind Them.

On October 9th, Lenovo announced the launch of their new Yoga Tablet 2 and the Yoga 3 Pro at The Old Sorting House in London. InVue’s S950 Tablet and Zips 2.0 were chosen to secure the two Yoga’s due to the flexibility of InVue’s product design, allowing attendees to easily interact with the Lenovo products […]

InVue Provides a Notable Solution for Samsung at EXPO COMM China 2014

Samsung China displayed the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge at EXPO COMM China 2014 and InVue was chosen to showcase their “Next Big Things” in handheld electronics. InVue’s latest POD, Series 2800, was the ideal solution to protect these new smartphones, tablets and S-pens. InVue’s new Series 2800 is a flexible, […]

InVue ingresa en la lista Inc. 5000 por quinto año consecutivo

Por quinto año consecutivo, Inc. Magazine reconoce a InVue como una de las empresas con mayor crecimiento en los EE. UU. A esto se le suma que solo el 4 % de las empresas que están en la lista Inc. 5000 han llegado al ranking por cinco años consecutivos. InVue le atribuye su éxito prolongado a la […]